Hi all,

I started sewing many, many years ago. Ok now this sounds like a fairy tail which isn’t πŸ˜€

My lovely mother was a seamstress, so I grew up between fabric and pinns. She made aprons for schoolgirls. Not the most glamorous job to do, but she also made all of our clothes, even my wedding dress. I’m divorced now but that has nothing to do with the dress πŸ™‚

She tried to teach me sewing, I have to admit, with all of her good intentions, that didn’t work out very well. So you can say, most of my knowledge, I thaught myself. Ok I had a few lessons here and there.

I always had the urge to sew but life wasn’t easy at that point. As a single mother with two girls, I worked hard and never really had the time or the energy to sew after a long hard day. Last year was a changing point. I became ill, not life threatening but I couldn’t go to work anymore. Now I have finely time to sew but it goes slowly. It took me almost a year before I had the courage to make an Instagram account and share my makes but slowly I will get there, don’t worry.

Sewing is my therapy. I want to learn and get to know you all. That is also why I love the sewing community so much. You guys are so supportive and forgiving.

In case you are wondering, why three eight cake ?

three eight refers to sewing, 3/8 inch and the cake, that’s obvious, isn’t it ?