Super basic tank top (Halfmoon Atelier)

Hi everyone,

I’m so glad to finally share my very first blogpost.

I tested the super basic tank top for the lovely Meghann from Halfmoon Atelier.

At first I was a little sceptical because I do have a large tummy area and as the pattern has negative ease, I thought it would be to snug for me. You know, to much tummy exposure 🙂 . But I worked away the negative ease by adding each side 2 cm to the with and for the bust area 0.5 cm. This worked out very well.I do have to practice my binding in knit fabric. It is ok but can be improved.

In my whole live, I was never able to find a RTW tank top that fitted just right. When the waist and hips were ok, the bust was to big and the other way around. So making my own was a great idea. Many, many more will follow !

When I finished the top, the weather wasn’t that great and  I regretted I couldn’t wear it without a cover. For me it is fall at the moment. But as a miracle, the day I share this with you, we have 25 °C !

So happy with 25°C in October

I am familiar to Halfmoon Atelier Patterns, but if you want to try  for free, subscribe to Halfmoon Atelier’s newsletter and you will get it for free ->

Have a try !

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